A cloud solution for
Human Resource Management

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Personal and Professional Information

Digitized employee information that can be updated by employees.


Punch-in via web, cell phone, kiosk and/or biometric devices.

Absences and Vacations

Employees are able to submit their vacations and absences with approval workflow.

Overtime Work

Record and control of overtime carried out by employees with approval and classification
workflow by HR.

Document Sharing

Sharing company documents online ensures they are always up to date.


Allows for fast and easy data consultation, in accordance with each user’s profile.


Submission of employee expenses and approval workflow.

Allocation of Hours to Projects

Employees can assign hours to projects, allowing cost accounting.

Alerts and Notifications

Notifications and alerts that provide information in real time.

Yo! goes with you, wherever you need it.

Everything in your pocket, secured by biometrics.

The Yo! Portal 

Available in Web, Kiosk and Mobile version.

With the possibility of direct integration with certified biometric devices and of implementing access control.

Ensure compliance with Personal Data Protection legislation (GDPR).

Guarantee of
Legal Compliance

It corresponds, automatically and digitally, to the mandatory record of attendance, present in article 202 of the Labor Code.

Sustained Decisions

It registers the qualifications of each employee and supports the allocation of employees according to the most suitable projects.

Digital Platform

A single portal with all the relevant information for the management of human resources in a company.

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