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Work management – Field Service and Logistics Management

It was created as a multichannel operations platform, accessible via web and available for Wondercom employees and clients. The platform now adapts to any business that needs to manage their Field Service and Logistics teams.

The need to remain competitive and agile led the company to develop their own operational management system for activities related to Field Service and Logistics, with the aim of supporting all the components of this activity, in an integrated and adaptable way.

This project marked the merger of KnowledgeWorks and Wondercom.

K1 is a software developed in Java.



The versatility of K1 allows it to be adapted to any type of Service Delivery business and can therefore be used in a business reality that is different from that of the company that created it.



K1 allows companies to immediately optimize their processes of technical intervention management, stock management, complaints management and invoicing



K1 enables companies to manage and monitor all their activity in real time, significantly contributing to optimizing business operating costs


Java and Vaadin

This project was developed in Java and Vaadin.

Reservations and Orders

What is it?

A software developed in Java and Angular that complements K1. K1 Reservations and Orders is a tool designed to help and manage the life cycle of equipment from when they are ordered to their installation with the client, regardless of size or location.
This software allows the management of orders, reservations and logistics, real-time data analysis and therefore supporting all players in their decisions.

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