At KnowledgeWorks, we apply IT technology tailored for a particular solution. Our team of specialists delivers the best service using proven industry standards and methodologies. We breathe technology and we understand that technology is a mean to achieve a solution for your challenge.
We bring added value to your core business in a symbiotic relation, so that both of us focus on bottom line.

Born in 2006, we have been growing as a boutique IT consultant specializing in Java techology and the then-innovative SOA architecture. We have specialized in JBoss, Liferay, Oracle Fusion Middleware, among many other. Also, we always supplied services of audit and advisory.

More recently, in 2014 Wondercom aquires a dominant shareholder position in KnowledgeWorks. This action marks the beginning of a new period for KnowledgeWorks as a ICT partner in the telecommunications universe.

In this period, we started developing products that challenge both concept and technology for the market and technological innovation. The symbiotic relation with Wondercom allowed a great dynamic in building solutions that bring great added value to the client.

Meet the Team

Come over and say hello. We have coffee.
We are an heterogeneous group with each of us bringing new ideas and solutions for your challenges.


Bruno Antunes
Senior Architect

The rainmaker. Need water in the desert? He will hook you up.


Pedro Barbosa
Software Engineer

Think he’s soft? Kung-Fu Java sensei.


Tiago Lomba
Software Engineer

He generates new ideas like he is Nicola Tesla himself.


Danilo Magalhães

“I always seem to come alive after midnight.”


Filipa Gouveia

Don’t be fooled by her low profile. She’s a lean, mean programming machine!


Diogo Saraiva

Junior Developer

Every day, he strives to score an Ippon!


Gonçalo Alves
Junior Developer

“I have a dream. To code a better world each git commit.”


Inês Marques
UX/UI Designer

“A designer that dreams about blending colors, shapes and experiences.”

Your success is our commitment.