Are you complying with the new GDPR?

Yes. It really is here. GDPR is running at full speed since May 25th and it’s here to keep us safe. And by us I mean, our personal information. And by that I mean, we get to explicitly choose to allow how and what our collected data is going to be used for.
GDPR came to offer full transparency in that process in order to assure our right to privacy. But how do we get there? By remembering the 3 major GDPR compliance points: Explicit Consent, Data Portability and the Right To Be Forgotten.
We got there with ASIO. With the need to collect and store personal data from our clients guests in our platform, we were able to provide a GDPR compliant solution by focusing on those 3 rules with an easy and explicit consent asking Terms and Conditions editing screen and a Guest Portal providing easy access and control for the guests collected information.

Inês Fonseca

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